Braden Koh

Computational Designer and Software Developer

About this site

About Me

I'm in the unique space where software development meets engineering, a field you might know as computational design. It's been quite a journey combining the two of them into my career, it’s both frustrating and fulfilling at times.

My experience in computational design has only been with the structural engineering industry, but I think its principles apply to any kind of engineering. I actually think the term digital design is a better description of my work because I like to think that I can design anything digital beyond traditional engineering.

Computational design is really about bringing together different skills to create something greater than the sum of it’s parts. This normally puts me in a weird spot where I am proficient in each skill, , yet I am not an expert in any single one. It can sometimes feel like I know a lot about very little.

Apart from my day-to-day work, I also enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences about computational design through content creation. It's my quiet way of contributing to the field, helping others grow in their design journey while I continue on mine. I believe that learning about computational design can really open new perspectives, especially for those in software development and engineering.

Public Projects

As a lot of things that I have worked on belong to other companies, I can’t share them freely. But here are the public things that I can share.

I'm hoping to expand this list as I continue to work on more public projects.

Contact Me

If you'd like to connect, LinkedIn or email are your best bets. I might take a little time to respond, as I prefer to give thoughtful replies but I do reply all messages.

I'm also on platforms like X (the new Twitter) and Instagram. I'm not overly active, but you're welcome to follow me for occasional updates