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Hello there,

So, here I am blogging again for the 4th time in my life. Each time I stop because I get frustrated at myself for not being clear enough in my message.

I was consistent in blogging but didn’t like the work that I was doing, so I gave up. But even after 4 times, I still gravitate towards blogging.

It’s because blogging has so many benefits. I am going to share some of it with you here.

1. It helps you communicate better

The act of structuring, writing and then editing helps you communicate your ideas a lot better. I find that blogging has made me better at writing emails, documentation and reports at my current job. I would even go so far to say, that it helped me communicate better over chat

2. Blogging teaches you the creation process

If you ever thought about creating content (Youtube, social media, blogging, etc.) for any reason. Blogging is a pretty good low friction way to start and it teaches you a lot about the content creation process.

3. Blogging also teaches you about the web

Depending on how far you want to take it, setting up a blog can teach you a lot about how the web works. It’s quite straightforward to make one but it does teach you a lot. Especially if you wanted to setup your own websites and other digital services in the future.

I find blogging to be a very fruitful endeavor even if I don’t get paid to do it yet. Maybe these benefits might inspire you to start one.

Thanks for reading this week's issue.

See you in the next one.