Is it possible to have a “job-less” life?

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Hello there,

Thanks to a public holiday day in Australia, I had some extra time this week. So, I used that time to reflect on notes from books I’ve read.

Paul Millerd's 'The Pathless Path' caught my eye while looking through my read books; its message resonates with my own thoughts on work. The book offers insight into creating a more meaningful relationship with work by leaving the traditional 9-5 job. It’s full of stories and real-life examples of people who left behind their 9-5 jobs in search of something more.

The book stresses that to leave your current job, it's important to approach the decision gradually, not abruptly. The analogy used in the book describes this process perfectly.

Think of it as a pebble in your shoe. At first, the pebble annoys you, but you learn to live with it. But, over time it becomes increasingly uncomfortable, and even though promotions and pay rises provide short-term relief, eventually the pain comes back.

That to me, was the true value of Paul’s book. Through the stories and examples, it taught me that leaving the traditional job in search for something more meaningful is worth the uncertainty and anxiety.

I often ponder what life would be like to wake up each morning without an alarm. Or to be able to start work in the afternoon. But more importantly, is it actually possible to make a living with this sort of lifestyle?

I don’t actually know because I can’t envision that would look like for me, but the Pathless Path has convinced me that this uncertainty is healthy and normal. Even if the advice isn’t as practical as other books, it opened my mind up to seeing new ways of working that I never thought of before.

I think if you are looking for a new relationship to work and if you always wanted to build a life that isn’t around work, this book is worth the read.

Thanks for reading.

Have a great weekend.



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