21st April 2024

Lotus Convention Centre Brief

The Lotus Convention Centre is inspired by the Foshan Century Lotus Stadium in China.

Image Credit:Taken by Weiming Xie on Shutterstock

But instead of a stadium, we are going to model a convention centre while still keeping the overall shape. There is no real reason behind the change, I just thought modelling a convention centre was more interesting than the Façade of a stadium.

In the end, we are looking to produce this:

I am calling it the Lotus Convention Centre.

Model Brief

Before we start, let's establish a vocabulary for the different parts of the model. This will help ensure that we are on the same page.

If you want to challenge yourself to create this model in Grasshopper, I would start by solving these high-level questions:

  • How will you split your geometry for the opening and the roof?
  • Is there a consistent logic you can use to create the petals for both the roof and the opening?
  • Likewise, is there a consistent way for you to create the inner petals
  • How would you start modelling?
    • I would start from the bottom and work my way up.
    • Meaning I would model all the building elements first, then the entrance and then the roof elements.

Solution Brief

When you're ready, you can find the solution guide to the model here:

Lotus Convention Centre Solution Guide

and you can find the script here: