This journey is about taking the time to understand yourself, and learning how to live a more fulfilling life.

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Self-development is a huge field, mostly consisting of topics like productivity, health, psychology, and more. To me, self-development is any work/effort done to improve yourself. And it's very personal because how we improve, is largely dependent on where you are coming from and where you would like to go.

My self-development work is about reading a lot and taking on learning projects that I call Journeys. Because as cheesy as it sounds, I like the idea of going on a "journey" to learn something that might improve yourself.

So on this page, you are going to find the links to 3 things. My journeys, articles about self-development and my notes about books that I have read.

The Garden

The garden is a refined and public version of my second brain. Both the garden and my private second brain is written in obsidian. I am quite comfortable in this environment and probably won't move for awhile.

The garden has notes that I think might be useful but are still too rough to make into an article. It still has 3 levels of maturity (keeping with the garden analogy):

    • Seedling - A simple and rough idea/thought, a note that shows only the brief amount of what I thought about it by far.
    • Sapling - A more mature idea/thought, I have some understanding of it but there is more to be discovered.
    • Tree - A solid idea/thought, something that I know intimately and should not change much.
Visit the Garden

My Journeys

I like to use journeys as a way of flexing my creative side of web development. I try to make each of them more interactive than just a regular article.

I hope that by sharing my journeys with you, you learn from my mistakes and maybe even make a few journeys of your own.

The Library

It's quite well known that books offer a lot of insight and wisdom and to remember them, I try to take notes on the books that have resonated with me.

You might find these notes helpful, especially if there is a topic/book that you want to know more about

Self-development Articles

There's already a large amount of content on the internet about self-development but as I have learnt so much along the way, I want to share what I have found useful. My hope is that some or all of the articles that I have written will be useful to you in some way.