11th June 2023

Winton Guest House Part 1

Solution Agenda

This is part 1/4 of the Winton Guest House solution guide. It's where we are going to model the fireplace, living room and bedroom (the rectangle looking one). Just as a reminder, this is the anatomy of the model.

image credit: Behance

Let's get started

Creating the Fireplace

There are many ways to start this model but I chose the Fireplace because it's the simplest shape. It's a rectangular block with a smaller, rotated rectangular block (the chimney) on top.

The fireplace can be created by a rectangle using the rectangle component and then extruded upwards by some height.

The Chimney

To create the chimney, I move the base rectangle up by it's height. This is to get a curve at the roof of the fireplace.

Using this curve, I can create the chimney by specifying a point on that curve. Since the curve from the rectangle component, the order of the edges are consistent. I can then use List Item to select the relevant edge.

I can then use the evaluate curve component to get a point on the curve. I am going to choose the centre of this edge, which can be done by re-parametrising the curve and putting a 0.5 into the t input of the component.

side note: I could have also used the curve middle component to get the mid point of the curve

From there, I can use another rectangle component to create the chimney rectangle and extrude it up by some amount again. But before I do that, I need to first rotate the plane that creates the rectangle. I'll use the rotate component to rotate the plane of the rectangle component by 45 degrees.

Creating the Living Room

Similar to how I created the chimney of the fireplace, I am going to build the living room from the curve of the fireplace.

To start, I am going to select the relevant edge of the fireplace outline from before. Then on that edge, I'll select a point.

I played around with the value until I got a point close to this red cross on plan.

From that point, I'll place another rectangle component. But if you notice, the shape of the living room is a morphed rectangle, which means I have to manipulate the shape to get it right. To do that, I noticed that it's actually a rectangle with one of it's vertices shifted inwards.

So, to shift this vertex in Grasshopper, I'll first create the rectangle using the rectangle component. Then I'll use the explode component to split the rectangle into it's edges and vertices. I'll then select the right vertex and move it by some distance in the X and Y direction. Lastly, to retain the order of the list, I'll merge it in the same order as I found it

Note: I am using the transform component to merge the two directions but you can just as well use two move components

I'll then use a polyline component to join the points and extrude the shape by some distance. Thus, forming the living room building.

Creating the tapered roof of the living room

The tapered roof is simply a loft between the living room outline and scaled down version of the outline. Let me show you what I mean.

First, to account for the height of the living room, I'll move the outline of the living room to the top of the building.

Then I can move that outline upwards again by some distance which will be our roof height. Once in position, I can scale down the outline by some amount.

Using the loft component between the two curves will generate the roof.

Creating the Bedroom

Using the same theme from before, I am going to start creating the outline of the bedroom by selecting a point on the living room curve.

I can again, select the right edge and then the right point of the outline.

I chose a point that roughly corresponds to this red cross in plan.

Once I have my point, I can create the rectangle but this time, I want to create one in the XZ plane instead of the XY plane . Then similar to before, to account for the unique shape of the building, I can again select a vertex to move.

To finish it off, I extrude the shape in the -Y direction to create the bedroom.

Final Thoughts

With that, we have come to the end of part 1 of this solution guide. I decided to split the solution here because the other buildings follow a different creation logic than what we have seen so far. The fireplace, living room and bedroom all share a common creation theme. It mostly follows these steps:

  1. Build a rectangle
  2. Edit the rectangle to suit the shape
  3. Extrude to make the building

Get part 1's script here

Link to Part 2: Modelling the Garage and Loft