23rd March 2024

Winton Guest House Part 3

Solution Agenda

This is part 3/4 of the Winton Guest House solution guide. I am going to create the final bedroom building of the model. Just as a reminder, this is the anatomy of the model.

image credit: Behance

Let's get started

Creating the Bedroom

Unlike the previous parts, creating the bedroom isn't as straightforward as extruding a shape. It you have noticed, the overall shape of the bedroom is pretty unique. That's why I am dedicating a whole part to it.

The Process

This is going to be how I create the bedroom.

Image of the solid intersection process

Making the plan profile

To create the outline or profile in plan, I'll again select an edge from the outline of the Living room and select a point.

Like before, I am looking for a point that represents this green cross.

To make things a little easier, I am actually going to use the normal of the surface like I did in the last part. This means if you are following along, feel free to do as I do or you can try using the actual line on plan. Instead of using the correct edge, I am using the green line.

To get this line, I'll select the face from the Living room building, evaluate the surface and use the normal of that plane to align a world XY Plane. This gives me a plane in the right orientation.

With this new plane I'll create a point a certain distance away from the living room. This is actually going to be the depth of the bedroom.

Then, using the outer point, I can create a line using the SDL component.

On a separate note, I'll create a line between the original point and an vertex of the living room building.

I do this because, I want to draw an arc between the two lines. So do that, I'll use the SED Arc component. This component lets me create an arc with a given start point, end point and a starting vector.

All there is left to do, is to close the shape. I can use the join curves component to join all the curves into one.

Making the elevation profile

Now, to create the elevation profile, I'll start off by getting the endpoints of our outer line from the plan profile.

With those two points, I'll build lines in the z-direction. The distance I'll use will be the height of the bedroom.

Similar to before, I want to build an arc between these two lines. But this time, I don't have an obvious way of building the arc. If I used the vector of one of those lines, I'll get a semi-circle. What I want is to be able to control how the arc is formed.

To do that, I'll create another line that will control the starting vector of the arc. I'll first make a line from the end point of one of the lines.

The length here doesn't matter as I only need the line for it's vector. Then, I use the plane origin component to move my surface plane to the start of my line.

I do this just so I can rotate the line in the right plane.

Then, the direction of this line will be the starting vector for my arc.

I can now control how this arc will look like by rotating the line. Now, to just join all the curves and I have the elevation profile

Running the solid intersection

Now with the two profiles done, I'll extrude them it their respective directions.

Before I run the solid intersection, I have to make sure my shapes are closed. So, I'll cap them using the cap brep ex component and run the solid intersection.

Final Thoughts

With that, the Winton Guest House model is complete! But I am not done yet. If you noticed, the script is now very messy because I haven't been cleaning it. That was intentional, it's to showcase how messy scripts can get without taming the chaos.

In the next and final part of this series, I am going to be cleaning up the script.

Link to Part 3's script here.

Link to Part 4: Cleaning up the script